Şehnaz Tuna, Clinical Psychologist / Online Therapist

Easier and faster psychotherapy

with Online Therapy!

All you need is your computer, tablet or smart phone...

No need to visit a clinic,

psychotherapy service is delivered to right where you are!

Meet your therapist at the comfort of your own environment with no time restrictions...

What is Online Therapy?

"Online Therapy" is an alternative psychotherapy method whereby sessions are held via internet. It can also be referred as web therapy, internet therapy or e-therapy.

To make an appointment with Clinical Psychologist Şehnaz Tuna, you may reach Evinizde Terapi by filling out the application form, by calling or by sending an e-mail. Consultations may be scheduled throughout the week from noon to midnight.

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Şehnaz Tuna

Clinical Psychologist & Online Therapist

Online Therapy Application Security

All our online sessions are held via Skype. Skype ensures full encryption for all forms of communication, including video, audio and text.

Therefore, communication via Skype provides enhanced security in comparison to mobile or other types of communication. Please click on the icon below to start.


Privacy and Ethics

Evinizde Terapi places utmost importance on your privacy. Ethical principles of traditional therapy are being respected as well as the confidentiality of the information you have provided.

All your information is kept strictly confidential and is not disclosed to any party -including next of kin-  due to your privacy rights. Your permission or approval is required prior to sharing any information with a third party. However, this principle does not apply in circumstances whereby there is a threat to your own life or you possess a danger to someone else's life. 

What does scientific research say about Online Therapy?

Despite adhering to ethical rules and principles of traditional therapy, online therapy's viability is still open for debate; however, scientific research provides significant data on effectiveness and validity of this method.

“In case you need immediate assistance or experience a psychiatric episode and/or attack involving considering suicide, or feel such an episode/attack is imminent please don't use this site. IMMEDIATELY contact your next of kin and/or go to the nearest psychiatric service.  Evinizde Terapi cannot provide crisis consultancy/intervention or emergency service.”