Şehnaz Tuna, Clinical Psychologist / Online Therapist


Online therapy can address to a broad mass.


Online therapy has no restrictions on time and place; therefore it appeals to a wide array of people.

It is extremely suitable for those who:

  • work as expats in Turkey and are willing to talk to an English speaking Turkish psychologist who has innate knowledge of the culture, its people and ways of living in Turkish culture and so therefore can provide consultancy regarding adaptation issues. 
  • are unable to leave their habitat due to physical disability,
  • has agoraphobia, 
  • travel frequently,
  • has busy business schedules that don’t fit regular office hours of face-to-face therapy,
  • are Turkish nationals living abroad and wish to receive therapy in their mother tongue,
  • do not have access to a psychotherapy service in their local village or town,
  • are full time parents, 
  • are reluctant to physically attend a therapy center.

Online Therapy is not suitable for clients and/or situations as listed below:

  • Adolescents under 18, 
  • Suicidal tendency,
  • Drug addicts,
  • Potential to cause harm,
  • Presence of intense psychological symptoms requiring medication,
  • Sexual problems,
  • Situations involving illegal and/or criminal acts.