Şehnaz Tuna, Clinical Psychologist / Online Therapist


"Why should I prefer online therapy?"


Numerous advantages of online therapy and online counseling sessions constitute a reason for the preferability of this service.

Budget friendly!

Online therapy is economically more feasible in comparison to face-to-face therapy.  

No more transportation and parking problems!

Since the sessions are held over the internet at wherever you are, you have don't have to deal with transportation and/or parking problems in order to meet with your therapist. 


Ideal for those who are too shy to go to therapy!

Some people can be reluctant to go to a therapy center or don't want to be seen at a therapist's office. Online therapy takes care of this problem completely. In this system clients meet their therapists at their own environment. 

Makes you feel at home!

Clients feel more comfortable at their home or office, as compared to an in-office environment.  

Easy to cancel sessions!

Compared to face-to-face system it is more convenient to cancel sessions in online therapy, therefore probability of paying for the unattended sessions is very low. 

Easy to access!

There are no restrictions on time and place so sessions can be accessed from wherever the client or the therapist goes.

Being sick is not an obstacle!

Illness is not a reason to postpone a session. Your therapist is with you even when you are sick. 

Single sessions!

Only therapy is suitable for single sessions.  

"Despite the advantages listed above and the large audience it addresses, online therapy is not a method that aims to replace face-to-face therapy."