Şehnaz Tuna, Clinical Psychologist / Online Therapist


1- Parties to the contract
This contract is between Attending Clinical Psychologist Şehnaz Tuna (hereby referred to as Therapist) and natural or legal entities (hereby referred to as Client) who wish to obtain Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling services on subjects provided at Evinizde Terapi (www.evinizdeterapi.com) website and who complete their application by filling out the order form at http://www.evinizdeterapi.com. The parties declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information stated within this contract.

2-Subject of contract
This contract regulates the opportunities to be provided by Therapist and the fee to be paid in return, as well as the liabilities of parties for the treatment of Depression, General Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder and associated Agoraphobia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Phobia, Specific Phobias, Hypochondria, Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphic Syndrome within the scope of Psychotherapy services and Cheating, Pre and Post-Op problems, Being misunderstood, Divorce process, Fights and arguments between spouses, family and riends, Adaptation problems following moving house, city or country, Marriage anxiety, Job changes and business life problems, Indecisiveness and Instability, Relationship problems, Death and Mourning, Pregnancy depression, Exam stress, Pangs of love, Loneliness and Geriatric problems within the scope of Psychological Consultancy services as per Client’s selection from among call packages of 1, 3, 5 or 10 as provided at http://www.evinizdeterapi.com. 

3- Duration of contract
Duration of the service term starts upon the selection and payment of 1, 3, 5 or 10 call packages provided at http://www.evinizdeterapi.com website in order to allocate services of contract and continues until the last date of validity of selected service.

4- Price of contract
The fee to be paid in return for services specified in this contract is as stated in relevant service pages of http://www.evinizdeterapi.com website. VAT is not included in the stated prices. Therapist reserves the right to make changes in fees and rates without prior notice. Client shall make the payment of fee stated in the package s/he will select from among services of contract as per the bank account details provided on Therapist's website via wire transfer or by being directed to the bank's shared payment page.

5- Rights and responsibilities of the parties:

5.1- Therapist's rights and responsibilities:

Therapist has the right to terminate service when the sessions are not in line with the experienced situation and/or when no benefit is determined; or terminate the session immediately upon being subjected to verbal and/or sexual harassment. Therapist does not have to provide services prior to receiving payment of package to be selected by Client for Psychotherapy or Psychological Counseling services. Therapist will appoint 45 minutes for each session. Therapist shall respond to Client’s request for appointment within 24 hours. Therapist must be ready to conduct the session at the exact time set with the Client. Therapist has the right to not extend duration of session in case Client is late. Therapist is obliged to keep all information about Client strictly confidential and not share this information with any other parties. However, in case of a life-threatening situation to Client or anyone else or in case of legal requirement such as court order, Therapist may share this information without the approval/permission of Client. Therapist shall not provide psychiatric medicinal treatment or any medical treatment and will not provide intervention to psychiatric attack or crisis. In case during the session Therapist determines psychotherapy is impossible or medicinal treatment accompanying psychotherapy is necessary, she will refer the Client to a psychiatrist. In the event Client or anyone else faces a life-threatening situation, or in case of existing child abuse, Therapist has to inform relevant authorities immediately. Therapist has the right and authority to pause and discontinue session in case Client’s attitude and behavior causes interruption - such as noise, distracting behavior, use of mobile phone. Therapist may not make audio or video recording of sessions or use these without the permission of Client. Therapist has the right to add to, remove, change or renew the items listed in Evinizde Terapi "Contract of Service and Use" without prior notification. Therapist must abide by the conditions stated in Turkish Psychologists Association's Ethical Regulation.

5.2- Client’s rights and responsibilities:
In order to obtain Psychotherapy or Psychological Counseling service from Therapist, Client should select a package from the website and pay the service fee of the selected package using any one of the payment options stated on the website and request an appointment with Therapist via any one of the email addresses provided on the website. Unless Client informs Therapist 24 hours in advance about cancelling sessions, s/he cannot demand reimbursement of payment for missed sessions. Client must be present and must call Therapist at the exact time priorly set. Client is responsible for ensuring peace and privacy during sessions and to be alone during session, as well as ensure that there is no noise or distraction to interfere with the session and to refrain from using mobile phone to avoid interruptions. Client cannot request reimbursement of sessions held with Therapist. Client accepts all conditions of use stated at www.evinizdeterapi.com website. Client takes on the risks that might be caused by making use of service provided by Therapist and cannot hold Evinizde Terapi website and Therapist liable. Client cannot make audio or video recordings of sessions or use these. Client is in charge of ensuring own safety. In case Client cannot participate in session calls using own computer, tablet or mobile phone and uses a shared computer, s/he accepts that browser history should be turned off, visited website should be deleted after use and that there may be security issues with sessions held over business computers and undesired logs may occur. Client is exclusively responsible of the security of user names and access passwords as well as email user names and access passwords. Therapist cannot be held liable for damage that might be caused by third parties obtaining said information. Client shall abide by own security and confidentiality policies of sessions held over Skype or Google Hangouts applications. Client declares, accepts and undertakes to abide by all warning or notification published on Evinizde Terapi website. Client cannot distribute or share with third parties or use the services received without permission of Therapist.

6- Annulment and compensation rights
If Client acts in breach of any provision of this contract and fails to fulfill liabilities and undertakings or if the information declared in this contract is determined to be false, Therapist has the right to unilaterally annul contract without any warning or notification. Upon such an annulment,  declares, accepts and undertakes to not demand reimbursement of paid package fee - regardless of unused time- and to pay commercial penalty compensation set at five times the contract price. Client has the right to annul the contract prior to or following duration of contract without any due cause. However, reimbursement of paid fees cannot be demanded without just cause.

7- Mailing and electronic mail address for notification
For all contractual notifications parties declare, accept and undertake the email address to be provided by Client and [email protected] and [email protected] email addresses stated at http://www.evinizdeterapi.com as legal residence. All notifications to these addresses will be considered delivered, even if not received by parties. These addresses will be valid unless changes are notified to the other party in writing. During contract, Therapist may send messages, information, texts, warnings, payment notification, account activity charts and abstracts of account to the electronic mail address stated by Client. Client cannot claim to not have received said electronic posts nor can he claim they were not delivered. Client declares, accepts and undertakes that said posts are considered legally notified within 7 days of being sent.

8- Contractual Conflicts
In case of conflict, parties accept, declare and undertake that book and computer logs, sent electronic mails and such posts and Client’s internet logs stored in Therapist's servers are valid, binding, final and primary evidence in terms of Code of Civil Procedure and that this clause is considered evidential contract; that they waive in advance the right to tender an oath in regards to objection and Therapist logs being stored in accordance with law.

9- Authorized court and offices of execution
This contract has been read and agreed upon by parties prior to signature. (Signing is considered complete upon electronic sending of order to Therapist). Therapist may add or remove clauses and/or sub-clauses or make changes as necessary. Client declares and undertakes to accept these changes in advance.

Turkish Law and legislation in effect shall be applicable in the resolution of all conflict to arise in the enforcement of this contract and Istanbul Çağlayan Courts and Offices of Execution are authorized.