It is without doubt that adultery can be considered among the most severe traumas one can face. Act of cheating is not exclusive to a partner or spouse but can also be committed by someone you deeply trust such as your best friend or your sibling. Your world turns upside down whilst life becomes meaningless and you think that you cannot trust anyone anymore. Your anger is not directed solely towards the person of adultery but also to yourself since you believed in that person. In order to survive this heart-broken period and cope with the associated consequences not only close acquaintance support but a proper psychological intervention should be opted.

Pre and post-operation problems

Minor or major, regardless of its format any surgery can pose a vital risk and therefore most of the times it is a scary and stressful process. During this period, positive thoughts and support should be provided both to the patient and his/her relatives as well. 

Not being understood

Miscommunication has become one of the major problems of the era we live in. Failure to express oneself, misunderstanding or being misunderstood consumes excessive energy and therefore create serious negative effecst upon wellbeing. Trying different methods or making radical decisions in order to express oneself may help overcome this conflict.


Regardless of its content act of divorcing brings forth a period that requires tremendous life change. The grief caused especially upon the unwilling side of the divorcing partners is very simillar to death. The psychological intervention during this period helps the individual(s) to get back his/her self-esteem and adapt to a totally new style of living. If mutual children are involved in the process therapeutical intervention can also assist the individual(s) to establish a new form of parenting.

Conflicts with spouse, family and friends

In human relations certain problems may arise as due to unsolved conflicts. Issue may go beyond a simple disagreement and damage the relationships irreversibly. This situation causes stress, uneasiness and unhappiness. Guidance of an objective consultant might be helpful in terms of finding solutions to these conflicts and rebuilding the damaged relationships.

Adaptation problems due to changing habitats

One of the leading factors in depression and anxiety disorders may be moving away from one's familiar environment. Even if this change is for the better, it necessitates the individual to leave behind certain habits which they may have been conducting for many years. The process of adjusting to a new city, new people, new business and even a new bedroom may cause the individual to experience anger, sadness and anxiety. Support during this period and getting together with other individuals experiencing similar problems may facilitate this adaptation process.



Wedding anxiety

Marriage is one of the most significant milestones in an individual’s life. While it is full of great pleasures and excitement, this process is also very stressful for the the new bride and groom to be. The individual is about to enter a totally new life with a whole bunch of new responsibilities. Therefore what marriage brings is actually a big unknown. Psychological support will help the individual to develop smooth transition strategies and overcome this process with minimum level of anxiety. 


Job change and workplace stress

If you are a working individual, that means you are spending more than half of your awake hours at work. Workplace stress is a very common problem. If you face a conflict in your intereaction with your friends and/or spouse you can easily isolate yourself, however, being able to do so is almost impossible at work. You may have a serious conflict with a colleague one minute, but have to work side by side the next minute. If the conflict arises between you and your boss or manager situation even gets worse. These problems are not limited to workplace but affect your family members as well. Struggling with tremendous amount of stress at work all the anger you repressed during the day is unwillingly directed to your spouse or children when you arrive home. Since business life requires confidentiality most of the time you may not be able to share your problems even with people in your close circle. Similar difficulties apply when you have to change your job. Changing a job means you have to adapt to a totally new environment and interact with totally new collegue. If you are experiencing similar problems, dont hesistate to ask for help. Psychological counseling will help you find a solution for problems you face at work and provide an easy adaptation process for your new job. 

Instability and Indecisiveness

Instability and indecisiveness may both be outcomes of depression just as they may be the causes of depression. Severity of  indecisiveness can reach up to a point where individual might even become incapable of deciding what to wear on a single day. Mental fatigue, unhappiness and burnout syndromes accompained by instability are very difficult to overcome by oneself. It is possible to work through depression caused by indecisiveness or vice versa under structured psychotherapy and/or counselling sessions. 

Relationship conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable in human relationships. The underlying reason of many wars and the death of millions is because of human conflicts. These problems cause great deal of distress. And if they are not managed properly they may result in physical violence, divorce and even murder. Support received in order to solve these conflicts and problems may also increase the quality of life and lead to an improved and stronger relationships. 

Death and Mourning

Death and mourning... Even the pronunciation of these two words does evoke fear and sadness. Death is a very hard experience. Death of a loved one means not seeing that person anymore. Longing, despair, anger, rage against life and unanswered questions such as, “Why my loved one?” or "Why me?"... Mourning is an inevitable process after death and this kind of questioning is very typical during this time. Psychological support received after a loved one's death will help the mourning person remember the existence of other loved ones in his/her life and provide endurance while going through this hard period. 

Postpartum depression

Pregnancy is a miracle where a perfect new life is created. Unless accompanied by any other complexity it also is a very sacred time in a woman's life. However, becoming a mother, can also be an extremely difficult, stressful and emotional period for some. Brand new responsibilities, different body, relationship problems and sleepless nights … Many new mothers are drawn into a vortex until they get used to these changes. Sometimes, the new mother may develop a very common form of depression called “Puerpera Syndrome” which may require serious treatment. Seeking psychological support at the onset of these symptoms can help the new mother overcome the adaptation period in a serene and aware state of mind.


Exam stress

Exams, the building stones of the current education system and our children’s biggest fear, affecs not only the child but also the other family members as well. It can be a very stressful period of time that can take its toll on the child physically and cause many other problems such as tension in the family.  Since thoughts related to the exam itself fuel negative thoughts about the studying process, a vicious cycle can easily develop. This whole process can be smoothed out with professional help through motivating positivity and initiating support in the family.

Love hurts...

“Pangs of love” “Heartache” “Heartbreak" "Love hurts" Hearing these quotes one cannot help but ask, "Why is there such an affiliation between love and pain or pessimism?" When a person falls in love s/he starts seeing the world from totally another dimension. Sometimes this love may be very complicated or even unrequited, bringing tears and sadness more than happiness. One may also fall in love with somebody to whom s/he cannot even express or admit this love. It has been said for years that there is actually no cure for love, but approaching the problem from a different perspective provided by an unbiased professional may bring an unexpected solution to this hopeless condition. 


Everyone needs some time alone. However, undesired and continuous loneliness is against nature. Thus, when such loneliness becomes a reality,  it can trigger serious psychological health conditions. There may be many reasons for loneliness such as being deserted, death of a loved one, disharmony with one's surroundings... Sometimes one can also feel alone with no obvious reason. Establishing rapport with a mental health professional can ease the pain caused by one's loneliness as well as help finding solutions to lead a better life by recreating circle of friends to get away from loneliness. 

Geriatric problems

During one's lifespan difficult as well as pleasant experiences contribute as life experiences. A life filled with good memories where the quality is at its highest level is the greatest gift from life. Some people build upon these experiences to gain the utmost pleasure in life as they age. Others, on the other hand, may show a tendency towards depression. At this point the support of close family and friends and psychological assistance can be significantly beneficial.