Şehnaz Tuna, Clinical Psychologist / Online Therapist


Here are some common questions about online therapy and the way Evinizde Terapi works. For further inquiries do not hesitate to contact...

What is Evinizde Terapi?
Evinizde Terapi is web-based service offering online psychotherapy and psychological consultancy services to clients.
Is "Online Therapy" a valid method of psychotherapy?
Yes. Being classified under the title “Unconventional Psychotherapy Platforms” of clause 7.4 of Ethics Regulation of Turkish Psychological Association in our country, “Online Terapi” is a valid psychotherapy method accepted by American Psychological Association as well. http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/online-therapy.aspx
What type of an equipment do I need in order to establish an online connection? Should I have a full command of technology in order to receive an online session?
Definitely not! If you can manage to use a computer, tablet or any type of a smart phone this level of technological information is enough for using this site. You can receive online psychotherapy and psychological consultancy services offered by Clinical Psychologist Şehnaz Tuna via Skype or Google Hangouts applications that can be downloaded (Access to download sites are provided within the web site) directly to your updated computer, tablet or smart phone (Smart phone should not be your first choice media). A high speed internet connection will ensure higher quality of platform for your sessions.
Does online therapy work?
Scientific studies conducted on online therapy show substantial data regarding the efficiency and validity of this method of psychotherapy. You can learn more about these studies here.
How can I pay?
You can find the payment instructions here.
How long does an online session last?
Sessions are 45 minutes long.
How long will it take for me to recover?
Duration of the process depends on the quality and/or severity of the problem. According to the Clause 2 of Ethics Regulation of Turkish Psychological Association which is titled as “BEING BENEFICIAL AND NOT GIVING HARM”, the psychologist plans the psychological knowledge and implemented applications in a manner to provide the highest benefit to the relevant person and/or institution and abstains from the situations which may cause harm. As stated under the title 2.1 “Observing the Highest Benefit” under the same article, the psychologist shall execute the studies which corresponds to and supports the person and/or institution to which s/he gives service and in executing these, s/he shall mind their best interest. Thus, your therapy process executed by your therapist shall be planned to provide the utmost benefit.
Can I have a single session?
Definitely yes! One of the advantages of online therapy is the option of being able to get a single session only. Especially in psychological consultancy work clients can easily select only one session and can also determine the frequency of their appointments according to their needs.