Jealousy: Too much of a good thing!

Jealousy is an emotion that immensely troubles the person feeling it. It is accompanied by negative emotions such as rage, distrust, shame and self-doubt; and thus jealousy is often something which we try to surpress and avoid to admit.

The root of evil!

For centuries, we have seen examples of different people from different cultures around the world doing evil things to each other. Still to this day, innocent children are killed; a suicide bomber may take hundreds of lives. Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen does not brush over all this by stating “these people are evil”. He searches for an explanation.

We must take eating disorders seriously!!!

We see and experience the numerous problems brought about by the developing society. One of the best examples of this is the Eating Disorder, which has been known in USA and Europe for years but only recently in our society.

Aerophobia-Fear of Flying!

The summer season makes everyone think of vacations. Since flights are cheaper these days and due to their time-saving practicality, air travel is widely preferred. How about fear of flying, though?

Dealing with fear and stress caused by terrorism..

We are devastated with one terror attack before we are able to put out the fire of another. Tens of innocent lives are lost again, with that many more injured. Those of us left alive are helpless, shocked, saddened and lost. Lately, our country has unfortunately been experiencing these heinous terror attacks frequently and in the field of psychology, this is at the top of the list of "incidents that traumatize people". Since early modern ages these terrorist groups have shown themselves in various formats and have lately become more professional and deadly. (Bal, 2006).

Treatment of Panic Disorder using Cognitive-Behavior method

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is proven in the treatment of panic disorder and is currently the most widely used method. The shortened format of the treatment has also been used on patients with the same success.

Are you under risk of depression?

From time to time, we have all experienced depressive moments when we have a sense of being down and listless, with a sinking feeling and failure to take joy in whatever we do. However, when sadness, hopelessness or disinterest in daily activities last for weeks, it may point to a more serious condition called "Major Depression”. Depressive symptoms disappears by eliminating causes or adapting the current situation.

Are you obsessed?

“You are going on a long vacation… The cases are packed, you got in your car... As you start the car, you think "What if I didn't turn all the lights off? Did I leave any windows open?" Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Imagine spending a typical day continuously worrying about such issues and constantly double checking yourself and all you do..."

Memory and Metamemory in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Studies on the link between checking and memory problems have produced equivocal results regarding a general memory deficit in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder and subclinical checkers.

Can I be an histeric?

Everyone remembers the scenes from old movies where the lead actor suddenly becomes blind but can later see again. Is it possible to experience this in normal life?

Panic Attack: Disorder of the modern era!

Today, Panic Disorder is the most common psychiatric disorder following depression . Panic Disorder, becoming widespread due to reasons such as the national disasters and economic crises experienced in recent years in our society, has an adverse effect on the social lives of many adults in the modern world. People have difficulty in adapting and coping with the new conditions and situations which they encounter, and may experience a resulting concern or panic.

Can your child be autistic?

"Rain Man" is probably one of the most unforgettable movies of one generation who has seen it. What makes this movie so special is undoubtedly the great performance of Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt. It is through this distressing but heart-warming story of Raymond, many people got familiar with the term "autism".